Monday, September 24, 2012


 The supermodel and former Miss Universe Tanzania (2007), Flaviana Matata, was in the UK for the London Fashion Week.
  She spoke to the BBC a few hours before returning to New York where she is based when not working in Europe, Africa or other parts of the world. Here she is being interviewed for BBC Africa’s news and current affairs TV programme in Kiswahili, Dira ya Dunia.
  She was also interviewed for BBC's Focus on Africa radio programme. Listen to the interview at 1500 GMT
 Flaviana posing with BBC Africa's very fashionable presenter Kassim Kayira
 Flaviana with Jestina George of (Tanzanian blogger based in London) at the BBC studios in London

For the interview Flaviana rocked  a leather jacket from Zara, Dress from Mango, Gucci sunglasses & gorgeous shoes from McQueen.
Tanzania's supermodel Flaviana Matata has had a very busy schedule and to be precise she's been busy on the runway between New York  & London. 

At the moment Flaviana is in the UK where she has just taken part in London Fashion Week.
Flaviana visited the BBC  Africa studios in London where she was interviewed for BBC Africa’s news and current affairs TV programme in Kiswahili, Dira ya Dunia  &  for Focus on Africa.

The former winner of Tanzania's first Miss Universe pageant, in 2007, started by telling how she got into the fashion industry and later dished out on the latest tips on what is fashionable these days.
Below is the link where you can listen to the Focus on Africa interview. It is also being currently promoted on the BBC’s Entertainment & Arts pages. 
 For more African news from the BBC download the Africa Today podcast.

 Photo credit: Manuel Toledo, BBC Africa

Saturday, September 15, 2012

UWT wamkaribisha Dk. Asha Rose Migiro

Ilikuwa mwendo wa Kitenge!!!!!! B2A iliwakilisha vilivyo
Mama Salma akitoa tuzo maalum kwa shujaa wetu Dk. Asha Rose Migiro

Akatunikiwa cheti maalum ....

Kisha akatunukiwa Picha ilichorwa na mwanamke mwenzetu wanawake  OYEEEEEE!

Hiki kilikuwa kitu cha Tanzanite kutoka kwa chama cha wanawake wachimba madini ..... wanawake safiiiiii!!!!

Mwanamke vitengeeeee!!!!!!!! Ilikuwa zawadi yao wanawake wa Zanzibar

Mwenyekiti wa UWT Mkoa wa Dar es salaam Mama Madabida akimfuta jasho Dk Migiro

 First Lady alishindwa kuficha hisia zake
Wanawake wenzio wakimpongeza

Ilikuwa full burudani

Shughuli ilitimia haswaaaa!!!!! Shoga yetu, Mama Maria Nyerere ndani ya nyumba

Palikuwa hapatoshi .....!!!!!

My Lady Mheshimiwa Megji aliwakilisha hivi...

The wildcat dress

Kazi kwenu!!!!!!

ugly dress wildcar dress Crime of Fashion: The Wildcat Dress
ugly dresses Crime of Fashion: The Wildcat Dress

Thursday, September 13, 2012

New trend in town

Kitu cha High Low Chiffon skirt...... I real like it

Martin Kadinda ndani ya USA

Martin akiwa na wadau mbalimbali ndani ya USA

  My boy Martin akiwa na washkaji kadhaa nchini Marekani
  Mmmh wakilisha baba!
My young Lady Flavy, My boy Martin na Mama wa Fashion Junki My Lady RM
Safiii ......!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Kenyan Designers Set to Showcase at 2012 Swahili Fashion Week


The countdown to Nairobi’s very first Swahili Fashion Week showcase is on and the organizers have officially released the final list of Kenyan designers who will have the opportunity to showcase their work at the premier event.

Mustapha Hassanali, the founder of the region’s couture epitome has promised Nairobians a fashion display which they will never forget, already looking forward to putting together another edition.
Here’s the complete list of Kenyan designers for this year’s Swahili Fashion Week Nairobi showcase:

1. Patricia Mbela
2. Lykis Couture by Morna Omondi
3. Shenu Hooda
4. Anna Adero
5. Vaishali Morjaria
6. Moo Cow
7. Mohamed Bana
8. Annesophie Achera
9. Wangechi Muriithi
10. AFAD – Kenya

  Click here to find out more about the Swahili Fashion Week Nairobi showcase

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Monday, September 10, 2012

Color of the week- Cerulean

But what you don’t know is that that sweater is not just blue, it’s not turquoise. It’s not lapis. It’s actually cerulean. – Miranda Priestly, The Devil Wears Prada.

There is just something about this shade of blue, so bright and so alive! I have never been a big fan of any shade of blue but after wearing this skirt here I’m a convert. I’m loving the leather skirt and the ribcage jumper.

Enchanted Jungle

My fave designer Ally Remtulah showcased his 2013 collection at  Serena Hotel
To me this collection is fully functional and you don’t have to hold your breath for long periods. The colors are  basic. Red, black,gray, green, pink and white which are all favorite colors of mine. Enjoy…


Saturday, September 8, 2012

Christine Michael Aula!

Mwana mitindowakitanzania Christine Michael Jingu amechaguliwa kuwa kati ya wanamitindo 50 watakaopanda jukwaani kwa ajili ya kuonyesha mavazi kwenye onyesho la Fashion for humanity linalotarajiwa kufanyika Oktoba17 , 2012 jijini New York Marekani.
Onyesho hilo linaloandaliwa na taasisiya United Colors of Fashion (UCOF) litawakutanisha pamoja wanamitindo wapya na wazoefu kutoka katika nchi mbalimbali duniani.  Miongonimwawanamitindohaonipamojana Miranda Kerry na Sessile Lopez.

Onyesho la Fashion for humanity litaongozwana Jan Malan wa Afrika ya kusini ambapo wanamitindo kadhaa wakimataifa wataonyesha kazi zao mpya. Baadhi yao ni pamoja naAmparo Chorda (Hispania), David Tlale( AfrikayaKusini), Carla Silva (Angola) Anya AyoungChee ( Marekani/Trinidad)naParnilleLeschly Halle (Denmark)

Get a copy of today's Mwananchi au tembelea

Ally Remtulah 's Enchanted Jungle night

See you there.....! Baadae right?

Simple and smart....!

My Lady Sai Sankoh with Lime Green African Gown

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Fashion news

FAFA 2012
Words Sylvia Abwao   Photography Emmanuel Jambo   Pictured Pedro wearing KikoRomeo

The Festival for African Fashion and Arts (FAFA) returns to Nairobi for its forth edition on November 17. Originally set up by KikoRomeo designer Ann McCreath in 2008 as a creative response to post-election violence in Kenya, the event has blossomed into the city’s major fashion event.

So much so that this year they have also launched the young talent search FAFA Insight. On June 30, 18 hopefuls showcased collections under the themed on “Rebranding Africa” and three finalists were selected to go forward and take part in FAFA – Jamil, Azra Walji and Galina Tatarinova.

“There’s never been a better time for young people in terms of access to technology, access to information and exposure to different cultures, ideologies and possibilities,” says Njuhi Chege, FAFA spokesperson. “FAFA offers a platform for them to be seen and heard on the world stage, supporting them in defining the developing their own cultures.”

Internationally successful Kenyan model Ajuma Nasenyana, who has worked with Vivienne Westwood and Marc Jacobs, will also be at FAFA to mentor the local models. “My experience has put me in a position where I can help train models to major runway standards and scout for the right looks,” Nasenyana says.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

D&G - Scarf prints still 'IN' Fashion

Gabriel Ole Mollel-Fresh New Handmade Bags from Tanzania

He recently launching his Sairiam logo. Gabriel Ole Mollel is owner and founder of Maasai Art craft promoters located in Dar es salaam Makumbusho and Slip way area.

For more than 5years now he has been doing good job especially in designing shoes, handbags as well as beaded Accessories.  He has always designs his work using pure leather and ornamenting them with beads in maasai taste. Apart from designing, he is doing alot in his Maasai Community that's why he introduce Sairiam Community Action Foundation.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Tanzania Mitindo House - Fashionable Fabolous week

Good news from Tanzania Mitindo House, Tunawakaribisha wote kushop na sisi. Please Come to taste our Tanzanian creativity
We are located at  Mchicha Opposite to Oysterbay Police next to Nyumba ya sanaa

HOTLINE::0755 551077

Kikunio cha nazi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! are you there?

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kwa hisani ya